Image Credit: Panel discussion: Here Let Me Live: Insights into Species Migration in British Columbia and Beyond

Spring Institute 2019

About Research Day

On April 12 & 13, 2019, the Royal BC Museum hosted its annual Spring Institute, a two day event held in the Newcombe Theatre. This event showcased the achievements of research staff engaged in strategic research projects related to BC’s Natural and Human History. Research Day concluded with a reception to celebrate the year’s accomplishments and to provide an opportunity for audience members and research staff to meet and mingle.

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Session 1

Here Let Me Live: Insights into Species Migration in British Columbia and Beyond
Watch Introductory Remarks - Research in the Museum Context, Professor Jack Lohman, CEO
Presenter Title Video
Dr. Erica Wheeler Session Introduction Watch
Dr. Gavin Hanke Diet and reproductive capacity of Common Wall Lizards and their impacts on urban environments of south Vancouver Island Watch
Dr. Rob Cannings Finding new bugs: publishing with the public Watch
Heidi Gartner Our Invading Invertebrate Relatives Watch
Dr. Henry Choong Shipwrecked in Eden – Hydroids (Cnidaria, Hydrozoa) from marine fouling assemblages in the Galapagos Islands Watch

Session 2

Collections Focus: Studies and Applications using the Historical-Institutional Lens
Presenter Title Video
Kim Gough Session Introduction Watch
Kasey Lee What to do About Plastics​? Watch
Grant Keddie Tool Stone Geography and the Museum Archaeology Collection​ Watch
Lauren Buttle Yokohama-e: 19th Century Japanese Photographic Paintings Watch
Dr. Genevieve Hill Reorienting Research: new approaches to policy and ancestral remains repatriation Watch

Session 3

Here Let Me Live: Insights into Biodiversity and Evolution
Watch Introductory Remarks - Research in the Museum Context, Joanne Orr, Deputy CEO and VP Collections, Research and International Programs
Presenter Title Video
Liz Crocker Session Introduction Watch
Dr. Ken Marr A local, a Disguised alien, Hot Springs Bacteria and a Ruler: “Common Reed” in British Columbia Watch
Dr. Joel Gibson Tiny Flies in the Great Bear Rainforest Watch
Claudia Copley Spider Diversity of British Columbia Watch
Dr. Victoria Arbour Dinosaur Discovery: How Ankylosaursa nd Glyptodonts Got Their Tail Clubs Watch

Session 4

Community-Driven Research in the Age of Participatory Culture
Presenter Title Video
Leah Best Session Introduction Watch
Dr. Tzu-I Chung & Chris O’Connor It’s Complicated: Representation, Community Engagement and Museum Practices Watch
Dr. Jordan Stanger Ross Landscapes of Injustice: Japanese Canadian Dispossession Watch
Genevieve Weber Changing the Narrative: Indigenous Data, Information and Records Watch
Dr. Lorne Hammond Pop Culture and Orcinus orca​ Watch

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