Image Credit: Royal BC Museum and Archives Research Day presenters

Research Day 2018

March 15, 2018

About Research Day

On March 15, 2018, the Royal BC Museum hosted its Annual Research Day, a full day event held in the Newcombe Theatre. This event showcases the achievements of research staff who are actively engaged in strategic research projects related to BC’s Natural and Human History.

Research Day concluded with a reception to celebrate the year’s accomplishments and to provide an opportunity for audience members and research staff to meet and mingle.

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Watch Opening Remarks from Angela Williams, Deputy CEO

Session 1: Biodiversity Past and Present

Presenter Title Video PowerPoint
Marji Johns Carmanah Group Strata Watch View
Dr. Erica Wheeler Botany of BC Mountains Part I Watch View
Dr. Ken Marr Botany of BC Mountains Part II Watch View
Claudia Copley Spider Diversity in British Columbia Watch View
Dr. Joel Gibson Islands of Biodiversity: Insects and Spiders of Coastal BC Watch View
Dr. Henry Choong Japanese Tsunami Marine Debris Collection Watch View
Dr. Gavin Hanke Recent changes to British Columbia’s Coastal Fish Fauna Watch View

Session 2: BC Journeys: Cultural and Economic Perspectives in BC History

Presenter Title Video PowerPoint
Don Bourdon Frederick Dally World-wide   View
Dr. Lorne Hammond History of BC's Energy Sector Watch View
Dr. Tzu-I Chung Punjabi Canadian Legacy Project Watch View

Session 3: Indigenous Heritage and Reconciliation

Presenter Title Video PowerPoint
Dr. Genevieve Hill Classifying Incised Stones in the RBCM Archaeology Collection Watch View
Grant Keddie Spindle Whorls in the RBCM Archaeology and Ethnology Collection Watch View
Dr. Martha Black Orcas: Art, Stories and Indigenous Knowledge Watch View
Genevieve Weber Ida Halpern Records for Inscription on the UNESCO Memory of the World Register Watch View
Emma Wright Archives and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Watch View

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