Beyond the Museum Walls

We’re breaking beyond the museum walls, taking the Royal BC Museum out into Victoria, and across the whole of British Columbia with an array of exciting exhibitions, displays, events and experiences. 

We’re coming to a place near you! 

Our travelling exhibitions are visiting towns and cities throughout BC, showcasing awe-inspiring aspects of our provincial natural and human history.   Many are already on the road, and we’re working on some incredible new exhibitions that will debut later this year.  Take a look where to find us, and keep your eyes peeled for a sneak peek of what’s to come!

The museum team will also be on the move, visiting communities to hear your thoughts and share some of the wonders that are in the vast collections of BC from a mammoth’s tooth, to bird eggs, maps and cultural treasures.

More mini museum experiences are on show in satellite displays at host venues around Victoria, and an extended program is now launching.  Check out some of BC’s butterfly collection, compare an Orca’s brain to a human brain, admire some of the works of Emily Carr and much, much more.

Embark on a digital field trip with your school, organization or community, as a dedicated educational host guides you in exploring parts of the history of BC, or investigate history in action examining replica artifacts and archival documents with one of our learning Outreach Kits.  

Big things are happening!  Find out more below: