Donating Records


The BC Archives, part of the Royal BC Museum Corporation, is one of the oldest archival institutions in Canada. Since 1894, we have been collecting records of British Columbia’s history, preserving them for the future, and sharing them with our citizens and researchers around the world.

Our archival holdings include BC government documents as well as private records. We also have a large research library.

Private Records

Our mandate is to collect records of outstanding significance and enduring value to the Province of British Columbia. Therefore, when considering potential donations, we use provincial significance as the primary criterion. We may refer potential donations that we consider to be of more regional,local or thematic significance to another relevant institution.

Some of the factors we consider when determining provincial significance include:

  • Do the records provide authentic evidence of the personal, social, cultural, political or economic history of British Columbia?
  • Do the records represent British Columbian experiences, stories or subjects of a broad
  • provincial scope?
  • Do meaningful relationships within the collection enable a richer level of documentation?
  • Are the records of a rarity or importance to be considered a provincial treasure?
  • To what extent might the records be consulted; that they will contribute to the story of our province?

Other factors we consider are the record’s age, condition, completeness, relationship to other records in our collection and any restrictions on access or use.

Tax Receipts

At your request we can issue a tax receipt according to Canada Customs and Revenue Agency regulations. The Fair Market Value of your donation for this purpose will be assessed by an independent appraiser or the National Archives Appraisal Board. Once transferred to the BC Archives, your records will be described, preserved and made available to researchers.

Additional Information

If you have further questions about private records donations, or wish to discuss making a donation to the BC Archives, download this pamphlet or please contact:

Phone: 250-387-1952