Research Day 2017

March 15, 2017

Dr. Scott Cooper, Vice President, Collections, Knowledge and Engagement provides opening remarks:

About Research Day

On March 15, 2017, the Royal BC Museum hosted its Annual Research Day, a full day event held in the Newcombe Theatre before an audience of Royal BC Museum donors, members, volunteers and staff. This event showcases the achievements of research staff and associates who are actively engaged in strategic research projects related to BC’s Natural and Human History.

This year, Research Day concluded with a reception to celebrate the year’s accomplishments and to provide an opportunity for audience members and research staff to meet and mingle.


Presenter Title Abstract
Dr. Lorne Hammond The Dominion Astrophysical Observatory 100th Anniversay Exhibit PDF
Dr. Joel Gibson Entomological Diversity Along British Columbia's Coasts PDF
Dr. Erica Wheeler Assessing the Condition of Historic Specimens in the Royal BC Museum Herbarium PDF
Grant Keddie Splitting Wedges PDF
Dr. Henry Choong Making Connections: The 2011 Japanese Tzunami Marine Debris Collection in Royal BC Museum PDF
Dr. Kathryn Bridge Landscapes of Injustice PDF
Rick Harbo, RA Research Activities in Ladysmith Harbour, the Warmest Harbour North of San Francisco PDF
Dr. Genevieve Hill A Workable Solution: Creating Provincial Standards for Archaeological Repositories PDF
Frederike Verspoor An Administrative History of the Courts and Judicial System of British Columbia PDF
Dr. Syd Cannings The Buzz of Northern Bees PDF
Dr. Mary Lou Florian Comparative Anatomy of Branch, Root and Wood of Northwest Coast Trees and Shrubs Used in Artifacts PDF
Dr. Gavin Hanke Recent Rapid Dispersal of European Wall Lizards PDF
Dr. Tzu-I Chung The Centre of Arrivals Project: Re-envisioning Canadian and Trans-Pacific History PDF
Dr. Ken Marr Continuing Botanical Discoveries in the British Columbia Alpine PDF
Genevieve Weber Submission of the Ida Halpern Records and Vancouver Island Treaties for Inscription on the UNESCO Memories of the World Register PDF
Dr. Richard Hebda The Power of Pollen and Spore Collections in Deciphering Vancouver Island's Ice Age PDF


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