Online Researcher Registration

June 2, 2016
BC Archives Release

Starting June 13, 2016 researchers visiting the BC Archives to undertake archival research can register online using the new online registration form. ; The introduction of automated registration will make renewing registrations easier and more efficient for visitors.

To register persons must be at least 16 years old. If registering online we ask that you please bring acceptable photo identification with you on your first visit to the archives during regular service hours (Mon-Fri, 10am- 4pm) to validate your registration. Acceptable photo identification includes a driver’s licence, passport, status card, provincial ID card or valid university/college student card.

Researchers will scan their researcher pass when arriving and leaving the reference room at the Security Desk.

Researchers may still chose to register in person during regular service hours (Mon-Fri, 10am- 4pm) and must present acceptable photo identification at the time of registration.

If you currently have an orange paper researcher card we will ask you to “upgrade” to a new researcher pass on your next visit.

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