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When John Fannin, the Royal BC Museum’s first curator, published his Check List of British Columbia Birds in 1891, he set in motion a publishing program that has engaged and informed British Columbians for nearly 128 years. Since that first publication, the Royal BC Museum has released hundreds of works on diverse subjects, bringing the human and natural history of our province to life in exciting, innovative and personal ways.


  • “By incorporating essays from across departments and disciplines, Treasures masterfully weaves a narrative that explores the interconnections between natural, cultural, and historical spheres.” – BC Studies no. 190

  • “Food Plants of Coastal First Peoples is an excellent book for showing people of any culture the continuing value of traditional ecological knowledge." – Brandon University Book Review

  • "This book opens the door to new thinking, and encourages us to step through." - Dave Obee, Times Colonist

  • "This book is measured and scholarly in tone, yet it’s nevertheless fundamentally important reading for those who wonder why BC is and will continue to be the dramatic environmental epicentre of Canada. Pipeline advocates and foes take note." – Stephen Hume

  • "This book would be great for any student learning about the environment, and the effects of introducing new species to the ecosystem." – Resource Links

  • “[This] book demonstrates how it is possible for archaeologists to work with First Nations while addressing both cultural and scientific needs.” – BC Bookworld


"This book opens the door to new thinking, and encourages us to step through." - Dave Obee, Times Colonist



Merritt Author Pens Book about 12 Local Boys That Never Came Home from WW1 https://t.co/VfiFrnqjYQ
4 days 9 hours ago
Check out They Call Me Literary Fascism: Reflections of a Sensitivity Reader on https://t.co/UJQqBt4bnG
1 week 4 days ago

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