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Sea Cucumbers of British Columbia, Southeast Alaska and Puget Sound

Philip Lambert

1997, 5.5 x 8.5, paperback, 176 pages
b/w illustrations and photographs, colour photo section
ISBN 978-0-7748-0607-7

$19.95 Order Now Copublished with UBC Press.

“This guide is highly recommended for anyone interested in coastal natural history. The authoratative text is generously supplemented with excellent colour and black-and-white photographs as well as with line drawings.” – Patrick Colgan, Canadian Book Review Annual.

Topics   Field Guide, Handbook, Marine Biology, Nature/Ecology, Zoology

Sea cucumbers have inhabited the world’s oceans for about 400 million years. They live in almost any marine habitat, from the fine ooze of
the deep ocean to current-swept reefs and rocky shallows. These marine invertebrates are related to sea stars and sea urchins and they are an integral part of our coastal ecosystems.

Philip Lambert describes more than 30 species living in the coastal waters of British Columbia and the United States. He discusses distribution, natural history and habitat, as well as anatomy, physiology, reproduction, ecology and economic importance.

Royal BC Museum Handbook.


About the Author

Philip Lambert is a curator emeritus in natural history at the Royal BC Museum, where he specializes in marine biology.

Other books by Philip Lambert:
Brittle Stars, Sea Urchins and Feather Stars of British Columbia, Southeast Alaska and Puget Sound  (with William C. Austin)
Sea Stars of British Columbia, Southeast Alaska and Puget Sound

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