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Introducing the Dragonflies of British Columbia and the Yukon

Robert A. Cannings

2002, 5.5 x 8.5, paperback, 96 pages
colour photographs and b/w illustrations
ISBN 978-0-7226-4637-6

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“Robert Cannings is an experienced educator in natural history and has a balanced and succinct writing style that makes you actually want to read this guide despite the enticement to flip forward to the attractive photographs.” – Vince Nealis, Bulletin of the Entomological Society of Canada.

“The author is to be congratulated unreservedly for sharing his expertise and enthusiasm in this thoroughly splendid book.” – Philip S. Corbet, Agrion, the newsletter of the Worldwide Dragonfly Association

Topics   Field Guide, Insects, Nature/Ecology
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Dragonfly watching has become a popular outdoor activity, and this easy-to-use little book is the ideal companion for anyone who wants to join the ranks of outdoor enthusiasts. Entomologist Robert Cannings describes the 88 species of dragonflies and damselflies found in BC and the Yukon, noting habitat preferences and distribution. Sharp colour photographs will help you identify most species, and drawings of distinguishing body parts will aid in narrowing down the ones that look similar.

This book will suit experienced dragonfly watchers and beginners alike. ”It’s the perfect ‘starter kit’ for your interesting new hobby,” says Claudia Copley, writing for The Victoria Naturalist.

Robert Cannings explains how to tell the difference between and dragonfly and a damselfly, then shows readers where to find them and how to study them. Dragonfly watching is catching on. Take this book with you and set out in search of emeralds, bluets, spreadwings and darners.


About the Author

Dr Robert A. Cannings is curator emeritus of entomology at the Royal BC Museum. He has studied dragonflies, robberflies and other insects for more than 30 years and is the author of many popular and technical publications on them.

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