Trailhead Tours

What is it?

Trailhead Tours are lightly guided, volunteer-led offerings for both the Natural and Human History galleries. Teachers can pick a floor to explore and pick from one of three themes. Volunteers guide the beginning of the tour and allow time for classes to make their own connections. Volunteers also facilitate a group discussion at the end of the tour. The tours are hands-on and designed with flexibility to allow teachers to add in their own ideas.

Natural History Themes

  • The Numbers of Nature: Making sense of data in an unstable world
  • Mammoth Thinking
  • Predator vs. Prey

Human History Themes

  • Simple Machines: Museums as Makerspace
  • Gold Rush: Photography and Memory
  • Reading an Object
  • Helmcken Christmas

Who are the Trailhead Tours for?

Grades K–7.

When are the Trailhead Tours?

Tuesdays and Thursdays, November to March.

What is the cost?

$60 for a class visit.

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