Learning Labs

What is it?

Learning Labs are like having the museum as a school for the day. This museum learning program is inquiry based, and staff-led. Museum staff will be working alongside classrooms, investigating big ideas with the galleries as a backdrop. The day will include behind the scenes visits in order to deepen an understanding of the role of the museum as a site for research and learning. The times for when classes are at the museum for a Learning Lab are flexible, to align with the needs of the classroom.


Governance and Beyond (SOLD OUT)

This lab explores the different ways of governance, beginning with indigenous ways of knowing and being. The day-long lab starts at the Royal BC Museum and finishes across the street at the Legislative Assembly of BC. Students will be able to experience the processes of governing through a diverse lens, across multiple institutions.

February & March (Fridays), 10:00 am - 2:30 pm

In partnership with the Parliamentary Education Office.


From the Beginning; Origin Stories and Indigenous Culture

This day long lab will focus on alternative histories and narratives of origin. Through art and belongings, students will explore stories of connection to the earth, interconnection through families and clans and the role of oral and visual storytelling and teachings.

April - June (Wednesday and Friday), 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm

In partnership with the University of Victoria Legacy Galleries.


Between the Generations

This lab will feature an opportunity for intergenerational exchange through modern history objects and stories, in partnership with the Glenshiel Housing Society.

January - June (Fridays)


Knowing Your Place: Empathy, Dialogue and the Power to Connect

This lab is designed for classrooms to reflect on their understanding of place. The visit includes a facilitated conversation with a similar aged classroom in the Northeast of British Columbia. The focus will be on using objects and ideas of the museum and nature to build stronger bonds of understanding and mutual respect. 

January - June (Mondays)


Let’s Talk

This lab is up to you. Give us a sense of what you want and we’ll work with you to create something that fits your classrooms needs. For classes coming from outside of Greater Victoria this option can provide an introduction to the museum and behind the scenes access, while giving plenty of time for open exploration of the museum for your students.

January - June (Monday, Wednesday or Friday)


S.O.S. (Steward Our Soils)

Soil is the heartbeat of all that we consume, whether it’s the nutritious food we eat, the clothes we wear or the medicines that keep us healthy. Students will talk worm anatomy before holding real live worm friends, identify native plants in the museum and archives gardens and explore the natural history gallery onsite, becoming soil stewards along the way!

April (Wednesdays)

*This Learning Lab is presented in partnership with the Compost Education Centre. 


Who are the Learning Labs for?

Grades 3-12

When are the Learning Labs?

Offered during the months of January through June.

What is the cost?

$99 for a class visit.


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