Image Credit: Photo courtesy of Chris Gale, Wild North Photos

May 2016 Events

Fort St. John and Tumbler Ridge

In May 2016, Dr. Richard Hebda, curator of Botany and Earth History, travelled with Royal BC Museum staff to the Peace Region for a series of free lectures, public discussions and school visits.

In Fort St. John and Tumbler Ridge, we were overwhelmed by the hospitality and openness of the communities in sharing both the richness and challenges of sustained biodiversity in the region. 

One of the most dynamic and fruitful discussions was held on May 5 at Northern Lights College in Fort St. John. Kicking off the discussion was Dr. Hebda’s presentation, The Peace Region Towards Stewardship: an Evolution of Discovery and the Future. You can watch it here on the Royal BC Museum’s YouTube channel.

In both locations, Royal BC Museum staff invited community members to talk about stewardship issues that mattered most to them. The answers were detailed, insightful and specific to the region. People had much to say about local features like land, water and wetlands, flora and fauna and what people consider special spaces. Here are some of the themes and key words that recurred in conversation:

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